Notes From A Hip-Hop 
Unicorn & Suicide Survivor

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About the Author
EMMA LEE M.C. (Emilia A. Ottoo) is an award-winning Hip-Hop creative, performer, athlete, digital producer, and ARTivist born in Uganda and raised in Harlem, New York City. She has performed at the American Museum of Natural History, Green Haven Correctional Facility, Apollo Theater, and the Academy Awards. Her works have appeared in the BronxArtSpace, Brooklyn University, Black Panther Film Festival, and World Health Organization. She is passionate about cultural exchange, creative intelligence, and positive social impact.
Mental health promotion is a priority. This book provides resources which can help people and communities prioritize activities, research, and conversations most likely to have an impact on mental health, trauma healing, survivorship, and overall wellness. The following list provides resources which represent diverse people, communities and needs. 
This trivia game offers participants a chance to quiz their knowledge and imagination about the experiences of the author in Hip-Hop, sports, entertainment, and social impact circles.

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What People Are Saying
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“. . . Tugs at your heartstrings, caresses your soul, and inspires you to believe that there’s a way to overcome and transmute your trials in life into a true masterpiece. I found myself at home with her references and curious to learn how EMMA LEE M.C. interpreted and experienced her journey into that beautifully complex world. I recommend this book to anybody feeling frustrated and defeated by the pressures life may bring. I also deem this a ‘Must-Read’ for those passionate about music and the arts.” - Napoleon Da Legend
Bilingual Hip-Hop & Afrobeat Artist and Community Activist
“. . . Powerful and inspiring . . . My friend is also a Hip-Hop music aficionado, and her love of the genre is woven into the fabric of her life story. Her passion for music is a testament to her creative spirit, appreciation of art, thirst for knowledge, and self-expression. But what truly sets her apart is her determination to pursue her dream of becoming a professional wrestler . . . requires not only physical strength but also mental fortitude, discipline, and perseverance. As she trains to reach her goal, she serves as inspiration for anyone ever told that their dreams are too big, too crazy, or too impossible.” 
- Valentina Grimaldi 
Marine Ventures (NYC) Financial Technology and Investment Philanthropy
“Beautifully written! Profoundly deep and existential. Yet, a prose-poetry that is accessible and relatable. EMMA LEE holds the Philosopher’s Stone. Her inward exploration and metaphysical practices are heroine. Her Hip-Hop sensibilities and proficiency make EMMA LEE M.C. a true Unicorn and Hip-Hop Genius.” 
- Martha Diaz, Founder, Chief Curator & Operations, Hip-Hop Education Center and Chair, Archives, Curatorial, & Educational Affairs, Universal Hip-Hop Museum
Note From the publisher
"In 'Y'ALL (NOT) GON' MAKE ME LOSE MY MIND,' Emma Lee M.C. weaves a compelling narrative, fusing Hip-Hop culture with the strength of a survivor. It's a powerful testament to storytelling's healing and transformative power."
-Wahida Clark, New York Times Bestseller
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